Intellectual Property Protection

Many of the country's most successful corporations identify intellectual property as their most valuable asset. Intellectual property can also be a principal asset for smaller companies and individuals.

Common trademarks are brand names, slogans and logos. Registered copyrights can be obtained for websites, articles, newsletters and photographs.

Trademarks and copyrights can be licensed to third parties for fees and royalties, sold to third parties, used as collateral for loans, and used to obtain monetary damages from unauthorized users. However, these lucrative opportunities may be lost if the intellectual property is not registered and enforced soon after it is created. Therefore, it is critical that intellectual property is identified and protected before, or very soon after, it is used in commerce.

The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane, a Professional Corporation, can assist you in developing intellectual property, identifying intellectual property that you may not realize you already have, screening intellectual property to ensure that it does not infringe on third party rights, seeking registration on a federal and/or international level and maintaining the registrations through the necessary renewals. We can also enforce your rights against competitors, prepare and negotiate agreements to license or otherwise exploit your intellectual property, and prepare agreements to ensure that you own all of the rights in the intellectual property that your employees and independent contractors create for you.

Our services also include reviewing websites for legal compliance, preparing Terms and Conditions that will govern your site and create a binding contract for users of your site, and drafting Privacy Policies that comply with the various privacy laws.

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