Fiduciary Responsibilities

An individual is considered a fiduciary when he or she serves as a trustee, board member or officer of a charitable corporation. Marc J. Lane Wealth Group® helps nonprofit fiduciaries and other key personnel to responsibly manage the assets entrusted to them. The professionals at Marc J. Lane Wealth Group® work with each nonprofit client to ensure that all fiduciaries:

     Recognize their fiduciary status 
     Understanding their fiduciary obligations 
     Understanding the legal and regulatory environment impacting them 
     Developing prudent investment policies to include the development of an
         Investment Policy Statement
     Avoid conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions 
     Take action to mitigate the risks associated with being fiduciaries

Marc Lane is the author of Representing Corporate Officers and Directors, Aspen Publishers.

Announcing Marc J. Lane's 35th Book:

The Mission-Driven Venture: Business Solutions to the World's Most Vexing Social Problems

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