Marc J. Lane & Company Order Flow Practices

The following statement is provided to you as required by Rule 11Ac1-3 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

RBC Capital Markets, LLC ("RBC") sends certain equity orders to exchanges, Electronic Communication Networks or broker-dealers during normal business hours and during extended trading sessions. Certain venues provide payments or charge access fees to RBC depending upon the characteristics of the order and any subsequent execution. The details of these payments and fees are available upon written request.

RBC receives compensation for directing listed options order flow to certain option exchanges. Compensation is generally in the form of a per contract cash payment.

RBC has selected certain market makers to provide execution of OTC securities transactions who have agreed to accept orders, transmitted electronically up to a specified size, and to execute them at or better than the national best bid or offer (NBBO). On larger orders, or if the designated market makers do not make a market in the subject security, RBC directly contacts market makers to obtain an execution. The designated market makers to whom orders are automatically routed are selected based on the consistently high quality of their OTC executions in one or more market segments and their ability to provide opportunities for executions at prices superior to the NBBO.

If an order for an exchange-listed security is not immediately executable on the exchange to which it is routed, such order may be represented in the national marketplace using the various means available for price discovery.

RBC also regularly review reports for quality of execution purposes.

Marc J. Lane & Company Disclosure of Ordering Routing Practices SEC Rule 11Ac1-6

Marc J. Lane & Company directs all order flow to its clearing firm, RBC Capital Markets, LLC ("RBC"). Marc J. Lane & Company does not receive payment for order flow. RBC has provided the data concerning the routing of order flow (the "Data") on this web site. Although RBC has used commercially reasonable efforts to provide accurate Data, the Data is provided to you on an "as is" basis.

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