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How to Earn Returns While Promoting A Cause

Profitable Socially Responsible Investing?: An Institutional Investor's Guide
Thursday, October 27, 2005
by How to Earn Returns While Promoting A Cause

Even though approximately one out of every nine U.S. dollars is held in a portfolio considered "socially responsible," the idea of investing based on social values still makes some people nervous, writes .

But Mr. , president of a legal and financial-services company in Chicago, asserts that investors won't hurt their portfolios if they invest in a few "virtuous" companies in order to promote a cause. That type of investing is both more profitable and more effective than simply shunning securities in tobacco, oil, or liquor companies, he says.

His book explores those conclusions and provides practical advice for how individuals, people investing on behalf of organizations, and investment advisers can build a socially responsible portfolio. Among the topics he discusses: legal obligations and investment policies; the influence of religion on socially responsible investment decisions; how to assess an organization's discomfort with such investment options; and proxy voting.

Publisher: Institutional Investor Books, Nestor House, Playhouse Yard, London EC4V 5EX England; 44-0-2-7779-8999; (800) 437-9997; fax 44-0-20-7779-8300;;;
170 pages;
$95; ISBN 1-84374-136-9


Marc J. Lane is a Chicago attorney, a Master Registered Financial Planner, and the President of Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc.


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