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Monday, February 5, 2007

The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane can help you achieve results that are possible only by combining legal, investment, financial, tax and risk management strategies. You benefit from recommendations based upon the critical interrelationships of these legal and financial decisions, all for success on your terms.

These are examples of successes we've achieved for clients. Please browse through, and contact us for a confidential consultation without obligation.

  • Prepared a business plan for a specialized furniture manufacturer that enabled the firm to secure over $10,000,000 in financing for national expansion.

  • Represents a Silicon Valley software company specializing in significant, leading-edge game technology. Negotiated specialized licensing agreements for the development of its products where the licensee paid all of the marketing and distribution costs and created a recurring revenue source without any risk to the client.

  • Created a Chicago-based taxi cab company and avoided the licensing road blocks. The company is now prospering in a very competitive environment.

  • Created an estate plan for $20,000,000 lottery winner to allow heirs to receive what is left free of estate tax, in addition to investing the winnings for future growth.

  • Turned an interior designer's vacation home into a tax-efficient satellite office.
  • Designed and implemented the optimal, tax-efficient structure for the international business holdings and activities of one of the world's largest banks.

  • Created a second-home residential community in Michigan including a condominium envelope, satisfied requirements imposed by the Department of Natural Resources, and raised project financing of $10,000,000. Development properties sold out at significant profit to investors.

  • Saved a small business from Social Security and other payroll tax costs of over $15,000 per year.


  • Structured asset plan for elder client to insulate financial and physical assets from Medicaid claims.
  • Structured a company to take advantage of international licensing arrangements and provided trade-risk management on the export side of its transactions.

  • Took a large, inherited portfolio with significant paper gains which owners intended to hold until death to avoid capital-gains tax, and developed a strategy to systematically replace those stocks. On an after-tax basis, helped clients double the value of their portfolio in three years, then linked this portfolio to an estate plan which will allow the stocks to be inherited by the next generation free of any estate tax.

  • Created a research and education, tax-exempt organization that had not yet been specifically authorized by statute. Brought about federal legislation authorizing that entity and others like it. These organizations now have a combined revenue of over $500,000,000 per year.


  • Represented a machine shop through three generations, creating and implementing multi-generational succession plans.

  • Reformed a charitable trust to permit its grantor to benefit from all the capital gains it recognizes.
  • Served as general counsel for a global food distribution company from inception until its sale for $15,000,000 cash on a tax-favored basis.

  • Developed a tax-advantaged, phantom stock plan to allow key executives to participate in the growth of a company on a basis where they would have no decision-making authority and where their phantom shares would be forfeited if they left the firm.

  • Represented a physician during the sale of his practice and assisted in the investment of sale proceeds for growth and retirement planning purposes.

  • Represented a professional singer in licensing and royalty agreements and created a corporation to shelter income from those activities.

  • Restated a dentist's profit sharing plan formula to triple his personal benefit.
  • Structured an employment relationship for a commercial photographer who wanted to recruit a new employee who had major accounts that generated first-year profits of $1,000,000. Mutually satisfactory arrangement allowed the new employee to participate in the growth of the firm but without an ownership stake in the business.

  • Represented a model and photographer who married and combined their own companies, realizing tax benefits for both parties and creating successful new company and marriage.

  • Created a tax-exempt entity to serve as an umbrella organization to include many of the grass-roots, civil rights organizations of the 1960's. Today, those organizations, having less charitable support, wanted to achieve economies of scale. Found a tax-wise way of doing this. Created a second, sister, tax-exempt entity to comply with tax rules governing nonprofits, yet which allows lobbying activities. Collectively, the organization can now do whatever it wants.


  • Restructured a pension plan for a professional photographer that unnecessarily skewed benefits to non-owners. The owner now receives an equitable portion of benefits, and the plan is now no longer a mandatory obligation, but a discretionary one that allows for contributions to match cash flow and profits each year.

  • Negotiated the settlement of a ten - year old tax controversy with the IRS, which accepted five cents on the dollar.


  • Negotiated an employment agreement for a senior executive of a major Eastern university with various qualified and non-qualified employee benefits and had the employer pay the client's legal fees.

  • Set up a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization to enhance the reputation of the owner of an import/export business and position her to gain access to Fortune 500 CEOs.


  • Negotiated the publication of a not-for-profit specialty book that allowed the author to put on workshops and otherwise enhance her own reputation in a way that will stimulate book sales and will also serve as an implied endorsement of her in her own business and consulting career.

  • Negotiated a resolution to a 15-year-old IRS claim on the assets of a widow. Her husband, fifteen years earlier, had entered into an abusive tax shelter. The negotiation was successfully concluded with the IRS, no money changed hands, and the widow was released from any liability.

    Created a special, non-profit corporation using a little-known Utah statute that permits the use of only one trustee consistent with the theological beliefs of this 800-year-old, 10-million-member, world religious organization. Linked the main entity to local, grass-roots organizations through specific contractual relationships.

    Restructured a limited partnership that was organized to operate an advertising agency as a corporation to insulate its owners from the liabilities of the venture, without incurring any income-tax for any shareholder.

  • Consolidated five commonly-owned companies to utilize loss-carry forwards against current operating income that otherwise would have been forfeited.

  • Structured a professional practice for a chiropractor upon graduation from chiropractic college, represented him for twenty years until retirement, and helped grow his net worth into millions of dollars. Represented the client for all legal and financial issues which arose during his professional career.

  • Represented an ophthalmologist in acquiring a practice from a retiring ophthalmologist, bootstrapping the purchase price out of current and future earnings so that the buyer used no personal assets.

  • Negotiated the sale of a year-old Beijing-based human resources firm to a multinational corporation.

  • Structured a cable TV operation in the UK, using entities domiciled in three other countries to shift and defer income tax liabilities.

  • Developed and implemented the global tax and asset protection strategy for a multinational media conglomerate.

  • Negotiated the separation agreement for a Fortune 500 exec who left her company's employ but, because of the way the contract was drafted, retained a multi-million dollar stake in the company.

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