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The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane

A Professional Corporation

The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane provides general corporate organization and management planning from the initial selection of the business structure through the entire incorporation process, including negotiation and development of the capital structure, financing placement, shareholder agreements, securities law compliance, and intellectual property protection. On a continuing basis, we work with our clients to maximize their business structure's utility and legal compliance through the initiation, negotiation and drafting of employment agreements, stock purchase agreements, leases, fringe benefit programs, and mergers and acquisitions. As general counsel, The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane provides continuing initiative in all areas of legal decision-making.

The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane also provides individuals, families and businesses with innovative and effective tax and estate planning strategies. We counsel clients on virtually every aspect of tax and estate planning, to help minimize worry and risk. Our attorneys work closely with clients to evaluate their unique situations and help them achieve their goals. We put in place all necessary documents to maximize tax efficiency and minimize the risk of disputes.

As our clients are both national and international, we regularly serve foreign enterprises doing business, or seeking to do business, in the United States. We consider ourselves uniquely qualified to assist international and trans-national enterprises in structuring strategic alliances, licensing and distribution arrangements, U.S.-based subsidiaries and branches, and both "in-bound" and "out-bound" commercial transactions.

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The Mission-Driven Venture: Business Solutions to the World's Most Vexing Social Problems

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